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AMICO University Testbed Project - Fees and Discounts

The Fee Structure:

As part of the experiment in new economic and social mechanisms for provision of digital resources, The AMICO Library will be provided to licensees under a unique arrangement in which the license fee to AMICO is separable from the delivery fee which is assessed by the distributor and access service provider. Our rationale for this was to allow customers to choose among distributors based on the quality of their services, thereby encouraging competition between distributors around price and functionality.

License Fees:

In 1998/99, the "Testbed" year, AMICO will charge licensees of The AMICO Library a license fee calculated according to the following scale:

    $2500 for universities with fewer than 10,000 students and faculty
    $4000 for universities with 10,001-20,000 students and faculty
    $5000 for universities with more than 20,000 students and faculty

Future year license fees will be announced in December of the preceding year. University testbed participants will receive a discount of 25% off applicable license fees for eight years as long as they continue as uninterrupted licensees.

Delivery/Service Fees:

In 1998/99, the "Testbed" year, The AMICO Library will be available only through the Research Libraries Group (RLG). RLG's fees for unlimited access to The AMICO Library during the 1998/99 Testbed will be equal to the AMICO Licensee fee.

In future years, different distributors will provide access to The AMICO Library. All the fee and service structures offered by each distributor will be published on the AMICO website at


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