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AMICO University Testbed - Functional Description


This is a preliminary functional description of access RLG can provide to The AMICO Library using RLG's Arches infrastructure and Eureka interface, in the time available for the University Testbed (to be available to licensed users on August 24, 1998) and the preview of the Testbed (to be available on July 1, 1998).

Using the Arches infrastructure allows building on an existing combination of browser, gateway, and server functions to provide a coherent view of complex results consisting of text and images. Supported browsers include Netscape Navigator 3 or later (for Windows and Macintosh), Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later, and other browsers that identify themselves as compatible with these releases.

The Eureka framework provides, from a user's point of view, simple and advanced searching (including brief context-sensitive help with formulating search terms for each access point, and comprehensive guidance for selecting search options), a brief display of multiple records, labeled display of structured text records, means for navigating between views of images and views of text, a means for assembling a personal list of items across different search results, for subsequent printing or downloading, and a way for users to send comments.

Experience with the testbed may reveal to users and us what different or additional kinds of access and information may be most desirable.

1. Purpose and Goals

University Testbed
The testbed is a trial implementation of access to The AMICO Library for faculty and students at higher education institutions covered by licenses. Uses include discovery, assessment, and obtaining images, but not image manipulation (for example, zooming or cropping).

The preview of the testbed is intended to allow syllabus planning by faculty before the testbed is in place. Access is limited to connections from users of participating institutions.

2. Content of the testbed

University Testbed
Documentation and images for approximately 20,000 works.

Brief documentation and a thumbnail image (only) for each of the works represented in the testbed will be present.

2.1  Derivative Images
Pixel dimensions are provisional. Thumbnail images will be jpg, 24-bit color, with a maximum dimension of 128 pixels. Snapshot images will be jpg, 24-bit color, with maximum dimension in the neighborhood of 250 pixels. Inspection images will be jpg, 24-bit color, high compression, 640x480 pixels. Presentation images will be jpg, 24-bit color, with minimal degradation, 1024x768 pixels.

Thumbnail images must retain the aspect ratio of the original image, and represent the entire image.

Watermarks, authentication, or color management will not be a formal component of the University Testbed.

University Testbed
Thumbnail, Snapshot, Inspection, and Presentation images will be present.

Thumbnail images will be present.

2.2 Textual data
A separate document covering the mapping of structured data is attached.

2.3  Additional resources
If structured text records include references to less-structured text or other associated files, links will be made available to bring up the files in their native formats. Suggestions and links for obtaining required viewers will be offered.

3.  Access
Access will be limited to licensed users.

3.1  Authentication
IP and password access will be supported. Some sites will wish to control access to this remote service locally, and RLG can provide support for methods currently in use. RLG will automate IP-filtered access for other institutions, providing a URL for connecting to the Testbed and preview. Off-site users will be able to connect using a user name and password obtained from their institutions.

3.2 Access points

University Testbed
Some of these will also be combined (together with data from some notes) in a Keyword index for subject/context access.

for a particular work
AMICO Identifier

for works of a particular artist

for a particular kind of work
Object-Type or Classification-Term

for works now in a particular place

by provenance

A keyword index will combine Creator-Name, Creator-Nationality/Culture, Object Type, Title/Name and other fields; no fields that do not appear on the brief display will be a part of this index.

3.3  Metadata
Selected metadata for each image (including rights and a media note with capture details) will be made available for printing or downloading through a link that accompanies the image.

3.4 Reporting
RLG will count accesses to images and other multimedia files, but not to records.

4.  Displays
The arrangement and labeling of catalog data is not covered here.

4.1  Brief display of search results
A limited subset of textual data:

Materials and Techniques-Description

One thumbnail image for each work will appear on the brief display. There may be an option for switching off display of images with this display.

University Testbed
Results (within some limit for number of works) will be sortable by
creator (default)
title of work
date of creation

The current Eureka limit for sorting is 250 records.

Results (within some limit for number of works) will be sorted by creator.

4.2 Full display of structured data
Complete cataloging data for each work will be available in a formatted display. Fields that distinguish component elements that are also present in text strings may not be repeated; for example, the various measurement components may not display in addition to Measurements-Text.

This display will offer access to unstructured text and associated multimedia files.

Display of complete cataloging data will not be available.

5. Downloading of images and text
Users will be able to print or save images as they find them, or to construct a list of images using a tool like the "Eureka Notebook," incorporating results from many searches for printing or downloading.

Users will be able to print or download descriptive records as formatted text.

A means of accessing images of greater resolution will be offered. These images will not be delivered through the testbed interface.

6. Rights
Each AMICO contributor will have a single URL to be used in contacting the Rights office.

RLG will maintain this reference when notified of changes by contributors or AMICO.

University Testbed
Users have institutional licenses.

Users have institutional licenses.


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